ROFU Power Supplies and Transformers


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ROFU 9112 Plug In Transformer Output 12vac

ROFU 9112D Plug In Transformer Output 12vdc

ROFU 9116 Plug In Transformer Output 16vac

ROFU 9124 Plug In Transformer – Output 24vac

ROFU 9102-12D UL Power Supply – Output 12vdc, 2Amp

ROFU 9102-24D Power Supply – Output 24vdc, 1 Amp

ROFU 9000 Electronic Buzzer

ROFU 9148 Inline Voltage Controller (drops voltage down from up to 50v to 12v)

ROFU 9964 Time Delay Module (adjustable from 0-60 sec)ROFU – 10318 Door Cords

ROFU 1005 Full Wave Bridge Rectifier

ROFU 1006 Full Wave Bridge Rectifier – with 6″ Leads

ROFU 10305-LA and 10306-LA Power Transfers