ROFU 9000 Buzzer


ROFU 9000 Buzzer
Electronic buzzer
Rated for 7-30 VDC
Dimensions: 1″ x .63″ x .57″
Sound: 92dBA
RoHS Compliant

This item really is designed for a fail secure strike to annunciate that the strike is open (energized) and allowing someone to enter through the door.  Designed to be “hidden” in the jamb with the strike or in the header.  This unit should only be used in a NO (Normally Open) circuit, as it will buzz when it receives power.  The unit is plastic. Designed for VDC units that have silent operation (VDC strikes) so people entering doors know the door is released and they can enter. 

This is the same product that we have sold for 20+ years.

Here is a little clip of what it sounds like