ROFU Z-Brackets for Inswinging Doors Mag-Locks

ROFU Z BRACKETS - 21030 21031 21032 21033

The actual “Z” of the Z-Bracket

ROFU 21030 US28 for the 8005 Mini Magnet  – Will not work on the double
ROFU 21031 US28 for the 8011 Series – Will not work on the double
ROFU 21031-40  US40 for the 8011 Series – Will not work on the double
ROFU 21032 US28 for the 8025 Double Mini Magnet
ROFU 21033 US28 for the 8022 Double Door Magnet
ROFU 21033-40  US40 for the 8022 Double Door Magnet

* New Models of Z-Brackets (these are for the NEW slide models) *
ROFU 21030N US28 for the 8004-002 Mini Magnet
ROFU 21038N US28 for the 8008 Midi Magnet

ROFU 21031N US28 for 8012-LC and 8012-002 Standard Magnets 
ROFU 21033N US28 for the 8026-002 Double Door Magnets

The Actual ROFU Z-Bracket set is three pieces.  Two pieces to form the “Z” to hold the armature plate to the door and one “L” Bracket to hold the magnet to the header/frame. 
zbracket standard installation

In this line drawing you can see all three parts of the Z-Bracket kit. The “L” bracket that holds the magnet up on the side of the jamb, and the two pieces that actually form the “Z”.