ROFU 8403 Micro Magnetic Locks Series

ROFU 8003-F

8403F-12 “Front/Face Mount”

ROFU 8003-S

8403S-12 “Standard/Surface Mount”

8403M-12 “Mortise Mount”

The ROFU 8403 Series Micro Magnets come in 3 different mounting versions.

ROFU 8403 Series Micro Magnets with 300lbs of holding power and is designed for the application of a compact, specialized electromagnetic lock provides a higher level of security. Easy installation in small cabinets, drawers, lockers or restricted spaces.
  • 8403M-12 Mortise mount is recommended for medicine cabinet or sliding door mortise installation.
  • 8403F-12 Front/Face mount is recommended for cash drawer standard top or front mount installation.
  • 8403S-12 Standard/Surface mount is standard surface mount which mounts like a standard magnet using a supplied mounting plate (#20918) and it is recommended for cabinet or gun safes standard top installation.
Dimensions: 6 11/16″(L) x 1 1/4″(H) x 15/16″(W)  (hole center to center 5 29/32″)
Dimensions: 6 11/16″(L) x 1 1/4″(H) x 15/16″(W) (hole center to center 5 29/32″)
Dimensions: 7 7/8″(L) x 1 1/4″(H) x 15/16″(W) (hole center to center 6 11/16″)
Armature Dimensions for the above models: 6″(L) x 1 1/4″(H) x 3/8″(W)
  • Formerly known as the 8003F-12, 8003S-12, 8003M-12 Series
  • Holding Force: 300 lbs
  • Fail Safe: Releases instantly when power is disconnected
  • Fail Alarm: May be released upon activation of fire alarm
  • Weather resistant cable connection
  • No residual magnetism
  • RoHS Compliant
  • This model is not recommended for life safety or high security applications
  • Housing: Attractive, heavy duty nickel plated steel
  • All units are 12VDC (for 24VDC, you must use a ROFU #9148 inline controller)
  • Current Draw: 315mA @ 12VDC
  • Mounting hardware included with each unit
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • ROFU 8403 Series Installation Instructions
Each model has 300lbs holding force
8003 - sliding door 8003 cash-box 8003 gun-safe

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