ROFU 2402 Jig for the ANSI Faceplate Installation

006 (7)ROFU 2402 jig template picROFU 2402 pic pic jigROFU 2402 bit pic jig

1. Take measurement from the floor to centerline of the lockset on the door.

2. Mark the centerline on the door jamb.

3. Align centerline mark on the jamb with the centerline mark on the jig.

4. Mark jamb and drill the two holes. These will be used later to install the mounting holes (mounting tabs, if not already installed) for the 2400 kit. Drill and tap for #12 screws.

5. Attach jig to jamb using screws provided (in strike hardware kit).

6a. For aluminum jamb router cut out the frame following the jig. [1/4″ single flute carbide bit and a 5/16″ guide bushing recommended (see figure 2)]
6b. For hollow metal jambs, trace the cutout outline onto the door jamb. Remove the jig and cut on the inside of the traced outline using a jigsaw.

6c. File corners of the jamb cutout to accommodate the square faceplate

7. Mount the ROFU 2400 electric strike using installation provided with the strike.

Download the ROFU 2402 jig installation pdf

Our many thanks to 1st Choice Locksmith in Houston Texas for being our tester (guinea pig) to use the jig during a big install and give us their feedback.  They say their installation time was cut in half on every door using the jig and on a job with 60+ strikes that is quite a bit of time. Below are some of the photos they sent us.  We appreciate your ROFU loyalty and your friendship.

009 011 (2) 021 008 006 (4) 1 angle view with jig 021 0231 installed

Part # 2402 jig $78.00 List,

Free jigs are being sent with this label on them, when we give them to distributors they shouldn’t be sold.