ROFU 2400 Kit “Do it ALL Kit”

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This photo shows the new “trim plate” included with each strike. We made this upgrade in October 2014.

ROFU 2400 Kit
Complete with 1 1/4″ x 4 7/8″ Faceplate and 1 7/16″ x 7 15/16″ Faceplate
Stainless Steel Faceplates – US32D
Click for: UL Listed for Burglar Protection
12/24 VDC
Fail Safe or Fail Secure – easily reversible
Keeper depth of 1/2″, maximum latch projection possible with 1/8″ of door/frame clearance is 5/8″
Low Profile of 1 1/4″ depth overall
PPE – Pick voltage, Plug and Energize (In January 2015)
Ships with door tabs in hardware pack
RoHS Compliant
PoE Friendly
Optional 1″ Lip extension available, Specify #5525
Optional 2″ Lip extension available, Specify #5550
Updated 2400 kit instructions 2400 Kit Instructions (2015)
ROFU’s new 2402 JIG for the 2400 ANSI
Product Updates:
2400 connectors

March 2015 – The 2400 kit is now PPE! Pick it, Plug it in, Energize!

Oct 2014 – Now shipping with trim plate to cover those boo boo’s
Dec 2014 – ROFU released jig for the ANSI faceplate
Mar 2015 – Now shipping with PPE – Pick it, Plug it and Energize it!

Strike Replacement Parts
2400 Kit Dimensions

Faceplate Dimensions

ROFU 2400 Kit Template with Dims

This is the actual sticker template that comes with each strike. Note – this may not print out to the correct size !!! This is for dimensions only!

wiring for older 2400 kit

Wiring instructions for older models (prior to PPE Plug addition in 2015)