ROFU 1430 / 3430 Mortise Lock Strikes

ROFU 1430 & 3430 LH US32D

ROFU 1430/3430 LH US32D

ROFU 1430 & 3430 RH US32D

ROFU 1430/3430 RH US32D

ROFU 1430 Fail SecureUSA

ROFU 3430 Fail Safe
Electric Strikes for use with most Schlage, Sargent and Yale (except 7800) High Security Mortise Locksets
For Commercial, New and Retrofit Uses
ANSI/BHMA A 156.5  (1 1/4″ x 4 7/8″) fit cutout Specification A 115.1 (with slight jamb modification)
Stainless Steel – Made in USA
Frame Type – Hollow Metal or Aluminum Jamb
Corrosion – Resistant Housing and Moving Parts
Tamper Strength of 1700 pounds
Latch Opening is Below Center Line (BCL) and opening starts 3/8″ below center line
Cycle Test of 500,000 cycles
Keeper depth of 5/8″, maximum latch projection possible with 1/8″ of door/frame clearance 3/4″
Strike depth of 1.50″ overall
Limited Warranty – 36 Months (3 years)
PoE Friendly!
Made in the USA
Specify LH or RH
Standard finish is US32D-Stainless Steel // Optional plating of US3 // Optional painting of US10B
See 1400 and 3400 solenoid page for voltage choices and current draws
Strike Replacement Parts
**Notice when replacing solenoid only – The solenoids for these are the opposite hand of the faceplate! 
A LH faceplate uses a RH solenoid.  A RH faceplate uses a LH solenoid.

1430/3430 Line Art “Left Hand Shown”


1430/3430 “Left Hand” Metal Frame Installation