ROFU 1106 Series Strike

Introducing the new and improved ROFU 1106 Series Electric Strike

The ROFU 1106 provides a secure, economical and durable solution for gates and other installations.  Our new strike is new and improved with a one piece cast zinc alloy construction.  We also added a water drainage function to make it suitable for gates or semi-outdoor applications. The 1106 comes only fail secure.

Voltage Specifications:
1106-01 US28  – 8 to 16VAC Int. Duty
1106-05 US28 – 12VAC Int. Duty / 12VDC Cont. Duty
1106-08 US28 – 24VAC Int. Duty / 24VDC Cont. Duty

Operating Temperature: 14-133 Degrees Farhenheit
Humidity: 0-95% Non-Condensing
Keeper Depth: 9/16″ (15mm)
Cycle Test: 250,000 Cycles
Holding Force: 1,000 lbs (470 kg)
Available Finishes: US28  (soon US4)

ROFU 1106 Instructions
ROFU 1106 template

Int. Duty = Intermittent (10 seconds or less)
Cont. Duty = Continuous (10 seconds to indefinite)