ROFU 1960 and 3960 Rim Mount Strikes


ROFU 1960 LM Fail Secure 
ROFU 3960 Fail Safe
Electric Strikes for use with Rim Exit Devices 
For Commercial, New and Retrofit Uses
Faceplate Dimensions – 1 3/4″ x 9 1/2″ 
Stainless Steel Faceplate – Made in USA
Frame Type – Hollow Metal, Aluminum or Wood Jamb
Corrosion – Resistant Housing and Moving Parts
Tamper Strength Test – 1700 pounds
Center Line (CL)
“PK” Keeper Design
5/8″ Thick Faceplate
LM (Latch Monitoring) Standard on 1960 Series
Supplied with 2 each 1/8″ Spacers (#0077) if needed to allow full engagement of locking latch
Cycle Test of 500,000 cycles
Horizontal Adjustment to compensate for misalignment and warpage (This works great when there is unexpected back pressure)
Strike depth of 1 1/16″ overall (Faceplate is completely surface mounted, but the solenoid requires a hole)
Limited Warranty of 36 Months (3 years)
PoE Friendly!
Made in the USA
Standard finish is US32D-Stainless Steel  
Instruction Sheet: 1960 instructions 2013
Additional Spacers, part # 0077
See 1900 and 3900 solenoid page for voltage choices and current draws
Strike Replacement Parts
1960 and 3960 Line Art

1960 and 3960 Line Art