ROFU 1400 and 3400 Solenoids

ROFU 1400 & 3400 LH Solenoid

ROFU 1400 & 3400 RH Solenoid

ROFU replacement solenoid only for 1400 series or 3400 series.

PoE Friendly! 
(hint if you lose the label there is an easy way to determine the voltage…
Remove the cover plate on the housing, Be careful not to lose those tiny screws, you will see you have exposed the coil and the workings of the strike now… if there is no tape over the coil it is -01, yellow tape is -05, blue tape is -08)
Note the solenoids (also called motors) are handed LH (pictured on Left) or RH (pictured on Right)The 1400 Series and the 3400 Series appear identical from the outside, only the movement or non-movement of the keeper (or the internal components) will identify which model it is.
ROFU 1400 Series is Fail Secure / Non Fail Safe (needs power to unlock)
ROFU 1400-01 is 3-6VDC/ 8-16VAC
ROFU 1400-05 is 12 VAC/VDC
ROFU 1400-08 is 24VAC/VDC
ROFU 3400 Series is Fail Safe (needs power to lock)
ROFU 3400-06 is 12VDC
ROFU 3400-09 is 24VDC
Voltage Specifications for the ROFU® 1400 Series Fail Secure Solenoids and 3400 Fail Safe Solenoids
Int. / Intermittent use: not to exceed 10 seconds // Cont. / Continuous use: for a longer period of 10 seconds to indefinite


Voltage Amps Ohms VAC Int. VAC Cont. VDC Int.

VDC Cont.

1400-01 L/R

8-16 VAC3-6 VDC USE Ohms Law 3.6 YES NO YES NO

1400-05 L/R

12 VAC

12 VDC

.150.200 55.0 YES NO YES


1400-08 L/R

24 VAC12 VDC .080.110 215.0 YES NO YES



3400-06 L/R

12 VDC .240 50.3 NO NO YES


3400-09 L/R 24 VDC .110 190.9 NO NO YES



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