ROFU 3820 Motorized Cabinet Lock

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Introducing the new ROFU3820 Motorized Cabinet Lock.

The 3820 is a motorized cabinet lock and is designed for fail secure operation.  We have added a bond sensor and door status output to monitor if the cabinet is locked/unlocked and closed/open.  We also added a spring feature on the post mount so that the door will actually “spring” away when the lock releases to gently push the door open.  It can be installed into closets, lockers, filing cabinets and drawers.  The unique design will allow a side mount or face mount for the lock to work.  The 3820 provides a full voltage range of 12-28 VAC/VDC with minimal current draw (see below).

Standard Features

Voltage: 12-28 VAC/VDC
Voltage Tolerance: +/- 15%
Current Draw:
Holding: 89mA @ 12VDC / 89mA @ 24VAC
Pull In:   165mA @ 12VDC / 165mA @ 24VAC
Operating Temp:  14F- 113F
Humidity: 0-95%
Operating Range: Fail Secure
Material: Polyamide

ROFU 3820 Instructions

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