ROFU 9350 2″x 2″ Square REX Button Kit


   9350 Series
The 9350 Kit  –  One Kit with all the Inserts!


ROFU 9350 US28 or US40
2″ x 2″ (PUSH TO EXIT) Request to Exit SPDT Switch

Illuminated 2″ x 2″ Request to Exit Switch
Supplied with one bulb designed for 12-24V
1/4″ Extruded Aluminum cover plate provides durability and tamper resistance
Spanner head stainless steel machine screws for mounting on standard electrical box discourage unauthorized attempts to remove plate, spanner wrench supplied
Standard Plate (Single Gang Plate 3″ x 4 3/4″)
Made with UL recognized components
Includes 9 optional button coversSpecify Finish US28 (Aluminum) or US40 (Dark Anodized Bronze)
9350 – US28 or US40
9350-TD US28 or US40  Supplied with ROFU 0-60 Second Time Delay Module (we add ROFU #9964 to the unit)
Options and replacement parts
#9964 – 0-60 Second Time Delay Board with wire leads and LED
Voltage Specs:

Voltage Max:        125/250 Max
Current Max:        10A
Power Max:          373W
Electrical Config:  SPDT

12-24v Bulb Specs:
Input Voltage:        12-24 VAC/VDC
Current:                 0.06A
Red Bulb / + Positive (12/24 VDC)
Black Bulb / – Negative (12/24 VDC)
Green Switch / C- Common
White Switch / NO- Normally Open
Yellow Switch / NC- Normally Closed