ROFU 9964 Time Delay Module


 ROFU 9964 Time Delay Module

  • Re-lock time delay module, adjustable from 0-60 seconds with built in LED for adjusting the re-lock time delay
  • It’s small enough to fit behind just about any button, key switch or mushroom button
  • Made in the USA  *Patent pending
  • Dimensions: 2.0”L x 0.6”W x 0.6”H (22 AWG input/output color coded wire leads 6” long)
  • Input power wiring: White wires AC/DC (non polarized)
  • Input power: 12 – 24 Volts AC/DC (30 volts maximum)
  • Current draw: 21 milliamps max DC or 52 milliamps max AC
  • Output relay: SPDT dry contacts – rated 1 AMP @ 30 VDC (Blue, Red & Green wires)
  • Timing range: Timer pot adjustable from 0 to 60 seconds
  • Additional features: Bi-Colored LED installed for “visual” programming of the 0-60 second time delay
  • Shrink wrapped to protect the components during shipping and installation


  • Time relay used for either Fail-Safe or Fail Secure bypass or time delay control applications
  • Time relay requires constant power and it has to be wired into normally closed circuit
  • Application of input power or momentary interruption of input power to the 9964 starts timing cycle
  • LED is lit Red during inactive “non-timing” operation
  • LED switches to Green during timing cycle – returns to Red after timing cycle
  • Blue wire is common Relay wiper contact
  • Blue Relay wiper wire is closed to Red Relay wire during non-timing operation (LED Red)
  • Blue Relay wiper wire is closed to Green Relay wire during timing cycle (LED Green)
  • Clockwise rotation of timer pot increases timing cycle
  • ROFU 9964 Instructions9964-wiring