Request to Exit PIR DS160 /DS161

ProductPhoto_Web_enUS_2635611531 FEATURES:

  • Door monitor with sounder alert
  • Sequential Logic Input (SLI)
  • Internal vertical pointability
  • Wrap-around coverage pattern with precise pattern control
  • Up to 64 second adjustable latch time

The DS160 Series consists of the DS160 Detector (light gray) and the DS161 Detector (black) specifically designed for Request-to-exit (REX) applications. With features such as timers, door monitor with sounder alert, and pointable coverage, the DS160 and DS161 have the flexibility to meet the most stringent REX requirements. The exclusive Sequential Logic Input (SLI) provides added security that is not offered in any other REX device.


  • Sequential Logic Input (SLI)
    The SLI terminal allows connection of a second device to require sequential detection. This eliminates the possibility that an object that is slid through the door or underneath the door will activate the detector. This input can also be used to lock the sensor if motion is present outside the premises.
  • Door Monitor
    The sensor can monitor a door contact to allow special control of the internal relay. For example, if the door is opened within the relay time period, the sensor can be programmed to halt the timer. If the door is not opened within a specific time period, the relay can be programmed to deactivate.
  • Sounder Alert
    An integrated sounder can be programmed to activate if the door is left open too long. The sounder volume is fully adjustable to 85 dB.
  • Keycard Input
    The keycard input allows the sensor relay to be controlled from an external source, such as an access control system or card reader.

UL- ALVY: Access Control Systems Units UL-294

Data Sheets
Optional Trim plates are available TP160 (light gray) and TP161 (black).  We have these in stock.