Request to Exit PIR DS151i

 Bosch DS151
  • Single or double door use
  • Wall or ceiling mountable
  • Internal vertical pointability
  • Wrap-around coverage pattern
  • Selectable relay trigger mode
The DS150i/DS151i Series consists of the DS150i Detector (light gray) and the DS151i Detector (black).They are specifically designed for Request-to-exit (REX) applications.  The DS151i detect motion in their coverage area and signal an access control system or door control device.  
  • Test Features
    Externally visible activation LED.
UL- ALVY: Access Control Systems Units UL-294
*we are no longer going to be carrying the DS150i.  Currently we have a few DS151i when those are gone we will not longer stock the Bosch products.
Bosch Data Sheets
Optional Trim plates are available TP160 (light gray) and TP161 (black).  We have these in stock.