ROFU 9500-36 Micro Switch Bar

ROFU 9500-36 Micro Switch Bar US28, also available in Black

Designed to release a magnetic lock when the bar is depressed.  This is a non latching unit.
Actual Dimensions: 34 1/2″ x 2 11/16″ x 2 1/4″, designed for a 36″ door
Letter Regarding UL on the ROFU 9500bar  
This unit was tested and passed to meet UL294.
9500-36 US28
9500-36 BLACK
ROFU 9500 Instructions
9500-36 US28
9500-36 Black
Replacement Parts / Options:
ROFU #10318 Stainless Steel Door Cord
ROFU #9500×99 Replacement End Cap Set
ROFU #9500xPCB Replacement PCB w/2 Micro-switches
ROFU #9500xDoggingKey Replacement Dogging Key for above
Above is another New Bar coming to the Line!  More information to Follow!  With Red/Green
LED this unit can be seen in a dark room or through smoke.  It still operates the same way as our standard
Micro-switch bar, just with new options!