New Product updates and Information!

November 2015

Our newest doors cords are in… and they are a huge hit!

They come with or without terminal strips in the ends.  Click on the link above for more information.


Our New 2435 Kits is on the shelf!

12/24V / Fail Secure reversible to Fail Safe / Complete with All five faceplates / Adjustable
deadbolt opening / Adjustable dead-latch ramp / This strike has it all and a low price!

ROFU 2345-Kit

October 2015


80088008 Armature housingds
Newly designed magnetic Lock mounting plates for the 8004, 8008, 8012 and 8026 Series.  The DS feature is now behind the cover plate and we use the more “well known” armature plate housing for the DS magnets.

Addition of “Pneumatics” to our Mushroom Buttons

9350_9370 with coversROFU 9350 9370 butons
Newly Re-designed 9350 Series and New 9370 Series with multiple options for button wording

New Heavy Duty 10320HD Door Cord Series

3820 3820 sideshot
New Motorized Cabinet Lock

July 2015

Coming very soon….. One Mushroom Button with multiple covers..  We showed this “KIT” at ALOA and told the locksmiths to let us know what buttons they needed ..

IMG_1165NEW BUTTONS << Choices were

The 9500 Micro Switch Bar will be available for 48″ Doors soon, also with LEDs and coming soon an option with delayed

Our 2960 series now is improved with a stainless steel housing for complete surface mounting, this is nice for dual swingings where you do not want to use shear locks.

February 2015

The updates keep coming on the 2400 series.  We’ve now made it as easier to set your voltage up.  Pick your voltage wire, Plug it in and Energize it!

It cant get any easier than that, it’s PPE!

2400 connectors


We have made some changes to the 1700 series!   So if you see them have no fear, its our same workhorse strike, just with a slightly modified keeper.  You probably won’t notice much of a difference, but if you do here it is.

new 1700s-a new1700s-b

Above are two photos, the picture on the left has the keeper extended out, the keeper on the right all the way in.  This is the benefit of the 1700 series – the ADJUSTABILITY!  We have been doing this strike for so long, the ROFU 1700 series is a standard.



– the deal? – you buy 5 ROFU 2400 kits, and you can get one of these free!  if you’d rather just buy one… they are $74.00 list price.  The part # is “2402 jig”.
To qualify for the free jig contact your distributor and it must be a drop ship order to you for a minimum 5 2400 kits and 1 jig.
We will drop ship for the deal!

Installation Jig for the ROFU 2400 Kit “ANSI” Faceplate

 006 (7)
We made one sample, gave it to 1st Choice Locksmith (in Houston, TX) to use on about 60 installations he had coming up.  The use of the template almost cut his install time in half!  Perfect for aluminum and wood jambs, but as always that radius on the metal frame can be a little troublesome, but still an awesome tool for the job! 
1 before jig1 angle view with jig1 side view with jig1 preping1 installed1 installed sideview007008023009011 (2)008 (2)
 (Thanks for the photos, you can see them all on our Facebook page as well)

In Stock now in all our in house kits (10/2014)

New Cover Plate / Trim Plate for 2400 Kits

2400 trimplate006 (3)004 (8)

ROFU will now be including these new decorative ‘cover plates / trim plates’ to cover up boo-boo’s (sloppy cutting) on the backside of the lip bracket. Sure, this may not be a new idea, but we are doing it at no additional cost to you!  Regretfully this item is not a retrofit item on the previous 2400 kits.

Yes We have these, for those that have asked

We get asked for multiple button push buttons often…
We have them in stock…
Just wanted to post it here so you see it in our 9300/9320 Series of Request to Exits available in Standard and Narrow width also US28 and US40!
39022-39025 39122-39125