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Current Full line Catalog:
ROFU 2010 Catalog (our website is more up to date)
Lists of Replacement Parts by product line:
Replacement Parts for ROFU Magnetic Locks
Replacement Parts for ROFU Electric Strikes
Replacement Parts for ROFU Key and Exit Switches
Things to help you out:
Wiring Diagrams for Strikes and Mag locks
Click on this for many options for wiring up strikes and magnetic locks: ROFU Basic Wiring diagrams
Mantrap / Cleanroom 2 Doors: ROFU Vestibule 1_V2
Mantrap / Cleanroom 3 Doors: ROFU Vestibule 2_V2
Mantrap / 3 rooms 4 Doors: ROFU 3 room mantrap
AWG Wiring recommendations AWG Wire Chart1
Assorted Files:
ROFU Top Ten install errors
Letter – Outside usage of 8011 series
Maglock trouble shooting and maintenance
How to fix: Residual magnetism
ROFU uses “US” finishes.  Here they are listed with the cross references of the 600 series numbers for your convenience: ROFU Finish Standards
An article from 2009 Keynotes 2009 ALOA Associate Member Profile
This is the great door aidThe Door Specification Sheet” 
Many thanks to Paul Chandler of IDN-Acme, Inc. and Marc Zaharias of Intermountain Lock and Security Supply for their assistance to fill in the blanks.  This form has helped many people over the yearsIt’s everything you need to spec items for a door
Wiring instructions:
ROFU 3810 cabinet lock Instructions
ROFU 1010 Instructions
ROFU Inline Controller Model # 9148 Instructions
ROFU 9964 Instructions
ROFU Full Wave Bridge Rectifier # 1006_1005 Instructions 
ROFU 2400 Kit Instructions March 2015  (PPE Plugs)
ROFU 2400 kit Instructions October 2014  (Selectable wiring)
ROFU 1960 instructions 2013 (Updated 2015)
ROFU 9500 Instructions
ROFU 8005, 8011, 8022, 8025 ROFU Magnet Installations Paperwork
Older ROFU Delayed Egress: ROFU 8011-003 Original Model Manufactured Prior to 2008
Delayed Egress: ROFU 8011-003 (17036)
ROFU Delayed Egress: ROFU 8011-004
ROFU 8031-002 Instructions
ROFU 8035 Instructions
ROFU 8040 Instructions
ROFU 9200-9300 instructions
ROFU 21077
Cross Reference Charts:
(These are ever Changing, please do not hold us completely responsible for outdated data)
ROFU Key Switches and Buttons Cross Reference Chart
ROFU Magnetic Locks Cross Reference Chart
ROFU Electric Strikes Cross Reference Charts
UL Listing Pages: (for verification purposes):
Cal Fire 2015-2016 
California State Fire Marshal Approval Certificate
ROFU 2400 Kit, USA
ROFU 9102-12D UL, USA

ROFU 9102-12D UL, Canada
ROFU Magnetic Locks and Gate Locks USA – Auxiliary Locking UL
ROFU 8035 and 8035-002 USA – Burglary Resistant UL  
ROFU 8011-003 UL (17036), USA

ROFU 8011-003 UL (17036), Canada

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