ROFU’s New singles

Recently we changed our mounting brackets to a complete “slide in” design and we also relocated the DS (door status) option to a new installer friendly design utilizing the cover plate and an (ABS) armature housing with permanent magnets.

We also decided to add an 800lb magnet, it’s a perfect fit with the rest of our line, we’ve included a few side by side photos below so you can visually compare these three specific models.

1200lb   Standard: 8012 Series: 10 1/2″(L) x 2 13/16″ (H) x 1 9/16″ (D)
800  lb   Midi: 8008 Series: 10 7/16″ (L) x 2 1/16″(H)  x 1 1/8″ (D)
600  lb   Mini: 8004 Series: 9 13/16″ (L) x 1 13/16″ (H) x 1″ (D)

Please call if you have any questions!  1-800-255-ROFU (7638)