Introducing ROFU’s New Magnetic Locks!

8012-LCds8012 armature housing

The ROFU 8004-002, 8008, 8012-LC, 8012-002 and 8026-002 are the newest additions to the ROFU family of electromagnetic locks.

Instead of just a “keyhole mounting plate” the new line offers a new and improved “sliding recessed plate”.  The entire length of the mounting plate slides down and into the ROFU magnetic lock.  This new and improved design gives the magnet mounting bolts more threads into the mounting plate and since the mounting plate is now “installed” into the housing there should be additional strength as well as more stability during the initial installation.

We have also moved the reed switch for the door status (DS) from the magnetic block to behind the cover plate (photo above), which will work with two permanent magnets that are mounted in the resin armature plate housing (photo above).

The benefit of this change is that installers will be able to purchase this DS feature at a later date to add to the 8012-LC model in the field if you need to down the road, or even replace in case of loss or theft.

*All new models, except for the 8012-LC come standard with the LED and Bond Sensor.
*There will also be new Z-Brackets, we will add a “N” to the end of the part number for the Z-Brackets to fit these units.