NEW – ROFU Pneumatic option for ROFU Mushroom Buttons

IMG_2322 IMG_2323
(shown on a ROFU 9400 US28)

The ROFU Pneumatic Switch and bracket get mounted onto the contact block, after removal of the NO or NC switch.  The Pneumatic switch is UL Listed and will work in the following ROFU models:

ROFU 9400 US28/US40 (1 1/2″ Red Mushroom on standard plate)
ROFU 9420 US28/US40 (1 1/2″ Red Mushroom on narrow plate)
ROFU 9600 US28/US40 (2 3/8″ Red Mushroom on standard plate)
ROFU 9620 US28/US40 (2 3/8″ Red Mushroom on narrow plate)
ROFU 9700 US28/US40 (1 1/4″ Red Flush Head on standard plate)
ROFU 9720 US28/US40 (1 1/4″ Red Flush Head on narrow plate)

The add on part # is
ROFU #9959 Pneumatic TD for ROFU Mushroom button Series 9400-9700
Please do not confuse this new model with the
ROFU  #9969 Pneumatic TD for ROFU #9200 Keyswitches