Introducing The NEW ROFU 10320HD – Now this is an Armored Heavy Duty Door Cord!

We introduced our new door cord in July 2015 at ALOA in Reno.
A suggestion was made at the show that we should test the hanging strength, and we took the challenge!  Our in-house testing proved the ROFU 10320HD was able to withstand up to 550 lbs., obviously we are very happy with that performance.  For the long-term testing we opted to hang a 66lb. weight,  it’s still hanging there (I’m not sure why we had that in the facility).

No more running wires through the door cord, as the ROFU 10320HD, has a PCB in both ends!  just connect your wires and that’s it, it just doesn’t get any easier than this!10320

Watch for this NEW product to be on our shelf in the next month! ~ROFU10320b