What’s new? … Oh my, I didn’t know you had this!

As the trade show season starts up, there is one question we’re asked a lot.  “WHAT’S NEW?” I love it when I can show off lots of goodies, but how about if I show you the changes that we’ve made to the products that you already love and trust.  These improvements give you a better product with more options, ease of use, all without increasing your cost!

We’ve made some dramatic improvements to the 2400 kits by adding a new decorative trim plate for the lip, then adding the plug-ins for the voltage selection.  These may seem like little things to you, but these changes require additional expenses plus the updated strikes have to run through UL again for testing so it tends to be a timely process.

We’ve also added the installation jig to the product line.  This will make installation of the ANSI 2400 easier, quicker and cleaner, and the best thing is we will give it to you FREE with the purchase of five 2400 strike kits (see promo)!

We’ve redesigned the 1500 series housings last year, it was a long drawn out process but so far so good and it appears the move was a good choice for the design change as solder joints will no longer be an issue and stock is back on the shelf.

We added double monitoring to the 8005 and 8011-002 series of maglocks at no additional cost, again this may not seem like a big thing but we were able to do so without raising the prices, as a matter of fact we haven’t raised the prices on our maglocks since 2002!

At the shows we also hear “Oh my, I didn’t know you had this!”  That is another reason we attend trade shows and bring samples with us, to show you and say “Hey, we DO have this, Remember you asked for this, and look we have it!”

At the trade shows we usually have the products laid out on the table as we’ve discovered that while people like to look at the big booths, they also want to touch and feel and look at the products.  They want to feel the weight of the strikes and maglocks in their hands, maybe open it up and see why it works.  This is why we still have our booth set up with our items on display so you can pick them up and look at the products we manufacture.

Stop by and see us at a show and see why – We’re Still Your Obvious Choice