How many hours are you wasting calling for tracking numbers?

Here are some ways ROFU tries to help you with free services from UPS, its just another bit of customer service we want to pass on to you: If you supply us with an email address on your purchase orders we’ll add it to our shipment and at our close of shipping day UPS will send you an email that will contain the tracking number, your PO number, our sales confirmation number, and the destination address and arrival date.

This is a great service but we have found out in a lot of cases the email goes to the buyer and never any further.  Regretfully it never makes it to the sales staff, sometimes the emails have already been marked as spam so the buyer will never see them either, so much needed information – LOST.  The reason we know this is because within a couple of days from shipping we get telephone call(s) from the sales person looking for the tracking number or shipping date.

We started suggesting this tracking option about 3-4 months and we are still hoping it will catch on, as we think this can work with everyone and just maybe no one will ever have to call for a tracking number again.  Keep in mind everyone who enters the PO # must be consistent in the way they enter it)!

Try it! Track via the ‘reference number’ option on UPS, this is an excellent bit of customer service that EVERYONE should use!  Try it!  We always enter your purchase order number on Reference Line 1, as
PO # Number goes here

Go here:
to the Tracking option on upsmenu Then click on Track by Reference


track ref
NOW enter YOUR PO number just like this refjust like this
PO # __________  and YOUR shipment information should come up! (make sure the stuff in red is that way)
If it was entered correctly the tracking number will magically appear on your screen 🙂